Steel Fence

The steel fence is made of quality steel plate that has been subjected to punching, cutting, and drawing. It features regularly spaced mesh with no welding stains on the points of contact. Its whole structure is sturdy and able to withstand cutting damage caused by the shear. Also known as anti-dazzle fence, the fence only allows for a comfortable level of light to be reflected, thus causing no dazzle to the oncoming driver. This makes for safer, more secure driving experience.

Steel plate thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Mesh shape: hexagonal or honeycomb-shaped, diamond-shaped, rectangular
Mesh size: from 25×40mm to 160×210mm. Made to individual specifications.
Standard fence size: 1200mm×2000mm Upper limit for width is 2000mm and for length, 5000mm.

Highway, urban road, military barrack, defense boarder, park, villa, common residential area, sports court, airplane, road green belt.

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