How to Select the Wire Mesh Fencing for Highways

Wire mesh fencing is commonly used as sort of security fencing for highways because users see it to be attractive and anti-corrosive. However, customers usually feel at a loss when it comes to choosing a right wire fence. Below are some points that you might watch out for in order to get the desired highway fencing.

Raw Material
Raw material quality is directly associated with the fence quality and use life. Poor quality material makes the fence susceptible to corrosion which would in turn shorten the fence's use life.

Iron wires are the first thing that buyers should check. Make sure the iron wire that fence manufactures use can meet the related quality standards. After the iron wire quality is confirmed, buyers then should check the welding or weaving technique which is applied to each intersection of the transverse and longitudinal wires.

The fence frame is another important factor you need to consider. A rugged frame provides enough support to the fence, thus improving its security.

Finally, make a point of selecting the most appropriate coating for the whole fence structure. The quality of coating applied to a fence's surface will not only affect its appearance, but also influence its wearability and corrosion resistance.