Roadside Metal Fencing

The structure of roadside metal fencing is rather simple and aesthetically appealing. The fence product is easy to transport and install without getting limited by unfavorable topographic conditions. It is more adaptable to hilly area, slope, and roads where there are multiple bends than is practical with other barrier fences.

Material: 4mm diameter quality low carbon steel wire
Process: spot welding
Hole Size: 75mm×150mm
Net Size: 1800mm×3000mm
Mesh Hole Size: 20mm×30mm×1.5mm
PVC Coating Thickness: 0.7-0.8mm
Net Thickness: 4.8mm
Post Diameter: 48mm×2mm×2200mm
Pre-embedded Base: 500mm×300mm×300mm
Fittings: water-proof cap, fence staple, theft-proof bolt
Connection Method: fence staple

1. Using the roadside metal fence cuts down on cost. The product is inexpensive and can be used in wide area.
2. Its versatility allows the product to be applied in various regions either the highway or common roadside.

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