Railway Metal Fencing/ Lineside Fencing

The lineside fencing plays a key role in the transport infrastructure. It offers a unique opportunity to combine the safety guarding function with decorative effect.

Quality low carbon steel wire or aluminum-magnesium alloy wire

The fence is made of steel wire or alloy wire welded together to form a concise grid-based design. This sturdy, simplified structure makes for ease of transportation and installation without being limited by unfavorable topographic conditions such as hilly area, slopes, and multiple road bends.

Manufacturing Process
The coiled steel wire is first drawn through a die to yield quality metalwork for further processing. The result of welding or weaving mainly depends on the skills of operations technicians and processing capacity of the production equipment. Good wire mesh means the netting is tightly woven or welded at each and every intersection. After weaving and welding, quality angle bars and round bars are used to make up the frame of the fence. There are different angle bars and round bars to meet various fence applications. Finally, spray plastic coating over the whole structure. As coating quality is of vital importance to a quality railway metal fencing, we do our best to make sure first-rate paint is used.

1. Using poured concrete posts not only assures a sturdy structure, but also comes with financial benefits-saving construction cost.
2. The sturdy structure also enables maximum rigidity and working stability.
3. Multicolor coating has a good decorative effect as well as great corrosion resistance.
4. The fencing can be used to enclose railway, highway, development zone, and sports court.

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