How to Install the Wire Mesh Fencing for Railways

Railway fencing differs from other such security fences as triangle fence, frame fence, perforated metal fence, and chain-link fence, in that it requires fitting the wire mesh to the post first prior to the assembly being built on the ground.

Improper installation measures include:
1. Use the pliers to pull open the steel channels in which the wire mesh fence is fitted. This operation would cause damage to the outer layer of coating, thereby impacting the use life thereof.
2. The wire is forced to be hung on the frame. This installation manner will lead to deformed or loose wire.
3. Widen the wire spacing (mesh spacing) would result in loose wire mesh. Larger holes in the mesh pattern increase the chances of people or wildlife accessing the railways.

The correct installation method should be as the following.
Secure the first post, then attach the wire mesh to that post as well as the second post. After striking down the second post tightly into the ground, you need to connect another section of the wire mesh to the previous post and a new post, and so on.