Bridge Metal Fencing

The bridge metal fencing is most commonly made from low carbon steel or aluminum-magnesium alloy. It consists of wires crossing each other and welded at the contact points. Its main function is to fence off the bridge at both sides as well as safeguard the passers-by against falling off the bridge.

The fence is available in various types: peach-shaped post, double circle, wave type, and double edge. Its lightweight mesh netting and novel framework serve both decorative and utilitarian purposes. PVC coating makes the product well-suited for use as fall prevention fence on the bridge. This metal fencing resists rust for as long as ten years. It can be easily dismantled for transport. Additionally, the fence can be used repeatedly and recycled when not in use.

Road, railway, airport, industrial park, agricultural development zone, model project

Corrosion resistant, anti-aging, sun-proof, and weather resistant.

Electro-plating, hot-dip galvanization, powder coating, dip coating

Related Names
Bridge Edge Protection | Metal Woven Wire | Corrosion Resistant Prevent Fence