Tips on How to Install Wire Mesh Fence for Airports

Airport fence always looks attractive and is good to use. Easily transported and installed, the fence can be equipped with barbed wires on its top for added safety. Measures like electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, spray painting, dip coating also can be applied to the fence surface, which enable it to resist aging, sun burn, and various other weather conditions.

The fences usually come in an assortment of structures and weave patterns that can well serve both guarding and decorative purposes. They can be made according to the specifications of an individual purchaser. Also known as airport guard fence, or security fencing with Y-shaped post, the airport fence is constructed of v-shaped posts, reinforcing welded wire mesh, theft-proof fasteners, and razor wires. It is a wire mesh fence that represents higher level of strength and security.

After the fence is installed, installation man can use a plumb-bob to check the perpendicularity error of the post. Then fill out the perpendicularity test report. Tightened connection between adjacent wire meshes can be achieved by using the Safe Bolt System (SBS). This connecting method protects the wire mesh from being taken apart.