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    1. European Style Metal FenceThe post is constructed of steel I-beam, which is installed upright into the ground. Each board is topped with three anti-climb spikes. Therefore, the board is also called the "spike" for its resemblance to the sharp-pointed metal. The 17 boards are affixed vertically to the rails by using theft-proof bolts and fence staples.
    1. Chain Link FenceThe chain link fence is a type of woven fence with diamond mesh. It is usually made from hot galvanized or plastic coated steel wire. Hot galvanized chain-wire fence is commonly used to provide guard for property or create animal pens, while plastic coated wire netting can be utilized to enclose sports court, pet yard, and residential yards.
    1. Welded Wire Mesh FenceUsing this fence involves many benefits, including ease of installation, long use life, and an ideal match for the surrounding scenery. V-shaped posts give the fence good strength characteristics while reducing its construction cost. Standing among the multi style buildings, the fence can well serve both decorative and functional purpose.
    1. Temporary FenceThe fence can be used repeatedly for different applications without needing any repair. It is suited for construction site, urban activity, and animal enclosure use. Chain-link fence, weld mesh fence, and square fence can all be utilized to temporarily enclose certain area for commercial activities.
    1. Wrought Iron/Cast Iron FenceIt comes in two types: assembled and welded. Usually made of aluminum or iron, the fence is an assembly of square tube, round tube, iron picket, and quick connection ring. Known for its elegance, this series of guard fence serves both safeguarding and decorative purposes. It is mostly used to enclose residential yards and office buildings.
    1. Metal Wire Ranch FenceThe fence also can be divided into two series, depending on whether it be made to meet the American or European standard. Those two series of farm fencing find wide applications in the livestock raising industry of South America, North America, and Europe. Woven with the 120g sun-proof nylon fabric which is applied to the mesh surface
    1. Barbed Wire FencingThe barbed wire fencing is made by weaving twisted low carbon steel wire into mesh. The fence is usually put through one of the three surface treating processes, zinc coating, powder coating, and PVC coating. Sturdy and aesthetically appealing, the fence sees wide applications in industry, agriculture, and livestock farming or it can be used to enclose highway and forest farm.
    1. Razor Wire FenceThe straight razor wire can be mounted in many ways. It is easy to install, thus saving labor and cost. Further benefits of using a razor wire fence include anti-aging, sun-proof, and weather-resistant features as well as good corrosion resistance. The fence can be supplied with electroplated coating or hot-galvanized coating.
    1. Galvanized Steel WireHot-dip galvanization is the process of dipping steel wire into molten zinc to rapidly produce a corrosion-resistant coating. The protective zinc coating provided by hot-dip galvanizing s is usually uneven across the wire surface. Steel wire that has undergone this surface treatment usually obtains dark color on its surface. The treating process also requires large amount of zinc.
    1. Black Annealed WireThen the steel is drawn through the die to obtain wires of different diameters. This process is called drawing whereby the wire diameter is reduced. After that, hot wire will be cooled slowly to anneal. Finally, paint and coating are applied to the wire surface to yield desired specifications of the output product, which is known as the black annealed wire.
    1. Custom Straight Cut WireThe custom straight cut wire is obtained by cutting bright wire, annealed wire, electro-galvanized wire, PVC coated iron wire, or painted iron wire to customer required lengths after straightening the wire. The resulting product is easy to transport and use. It has found widespread use in construction industries and been utilized to make handicrafts and civil products.
    1. U Type Binding WireRaw Material: The U-shaped baling wire is usually made with hot-galvanized wire, electro-galvanized wire, black iron wire, and PVC coated wire.
      Applications: The product is commonly used to bind wall materials. It also can be found in our daily life.
    1. PVC Coated Metal WireThe PVC coated metal wire is made from quality galvanized wire that has undergone further processing for secure bonding of wire surface to the PVC coating. It resists aging, corrosion, and cracking, which assures a much longer service life than the cold-galvanized wire. Available in various colors and varieties, the product can be mad to individual sizes.
    1. Stainless Steel WireSpecifications: The product is available in a wide range of diameters varying from 0.018mm to 6.0mm.
      Applications: The wire resists wear and corrosion. It can be used to make rewinding wire, woven wire, flexible hose, kitchen and toilet rack, steel rope, filter, steel strand, and spring.
    1. Steel Tie WireThe steel tie wire is a wire used for baling in the architectural setting. It is easy to handle, improves binding efficiency, and reduces building material wastes.
      Length: Our wire is available in different diameters and lengths, depending on customer requirements. Normal wire length varies from 3inch to 24inch.
    1. Annealed Steel WireThe annealed steel wire is constructed of quality iron wire that has been annealed either under oxygen-free atmospheric condition or through furnace annealing process.
      Specifications: The wire can be made to individual specifications. Normal diameters range from 6.5mm to 0.25mm
    1. Welded Wire Mesh PanelThe welded wire mesh panel is a prefabricated grid that is made up of quality Q195 low carbon steel wire that has been subjected to electro galvanizing, hot galvanizing, or PVC coating process to help it resist corrosion. Tightly welded at each intersection by the automatic welding machine, the weld-mesh is actually a metal screen with flat surface, uniform mesh size, and high machinability.
    1. Hexagonal Wire Mesh/NettingA civil engineering purpose of our hexagonal wire mesh is to fight against flood. The wire netting can be made into a box-shaped container filled with stones. The container then is placed against sea wall, mountain slope, bridge, and reservoir to provide protection and support to them as well as keep back water.
    1. Gabion CageIt is well-suited for use as road slope support or foundation pit support, or on the mountain slope, where the gabion mesh is held over the rock surface, upon which the dry concrete mixture is sprayed. The product also can be utilized to provide guard fencing for slope vegetation, highway, and railway. When filled with riprap, the cage is usually employed to stabilize shoreline
    1. Stainless Steel Wire MeshThere are over 20 engineers and researchers among nearly 100 research and development working staff. The research and development center is installed with first-rate testing equipment as well as CAD software. The dedicated professionals and world-class equipment allow us to independently develop new product based on the market situation.
    1. Expanded Metal MeshThe expanded metal mesh is manufactured from low carbon steel sheet, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, copper plate, or nickel plate. Typical uses of this wire mesh are in the highway, railway, civil architecture, water conservation project, and aquaculture industry, or on the various machines, electrical appliances, and windows
    1. Chain Link Wire MeshApplications: zoo fence, fences for chicken, duck, goose, and rabbit enclosures, guard fence for machines, highway, stadium, and road green belt. In civil engineering industry, the chain link wire mesh is useful as a gabion box. Riprap can be filled in the box to be placed against shoreline, mountain slope, bridge, reservoir, and other civil engineering projects, in order to keep water back.
    1. Crimped Wire MeshMaterial: The crimped wire mesh is made of the black annealed wire, galvanized wire, lead wire, or stainless steel wire.
      Weave Features: pre-crimping before weaving, two-way separated wave bending, locked bending, flat-topped curved, two-way bending, one-way separated wave bending.
    1. Perforated Metal Sheet / PlateThe perforated sheet metal is light weight and easily shaped, which makes it well-suited for use in the vents and light fixture.
      It has good machinability, and can be supplied with either paint finish or polish finish.
      The regularly spaced holes on the sheet metal are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.
    1. Steel GratingThe steel grating is a joined grid. It is made by joining regularly-spaced, longitudinal flat bars to the cross bars at the required spacing, via a process known as electric resistance welding at high voltage. After welding, the grate is then sent for cutting, notching, boring, and edge coating to yield customer desired product.

Shunlian Metal Products Company is a China-based manufacturer of wires and wire mesh products, including but not limited to, the razor wire fence, stainless steel wire, hexagonal wire mesh, and steel grating. Durable and inexpensive, the product is long lasting and requires little cleaning and maintenance. It serves both decorative and utilitarian purposes.