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Steel Concrete Nails

As a special fastener, the steel concrete nail differs from a common iron nail in that the former gives greater hardness while its shank is shorter and thicker. Its good piercing and gripping strength allows it to be drilled into any hard and brittle materials.

Steel concrete nails come in different types. Among them, the galvanized type is the most commonly used. For great anti-bending, crack-resistant, and functional safety performance, the galvanized nail has been put through a process known as galvanization. Its surface can be polished, electro plated, or annealed to acquire bright, zinc-plated or black-colored look.

This series of product is also available in various shank or cap types, such as screw shank or T-shaped cap. Other choices of nail shapes and patterns can be made to individual likings.

Currently available are the galvanized, the multicolor-coated, the black, the blue, the countersunk head, T-cap, and K-cap. Common diameters for the galvanized concrete nails vary from 1.7mm to 5.0mm with the nail length between 16mm and 50mm.

Galvanized Type(Smooth Shank or Screw Shank)
Nail Sizes 1.8×20mm 4.2×75mm
Nail Sizes 2×25mm 4.57×100mm
Nail Sizes 3×40mm 4.8×80mm
Nail Sizes 3.4×50mm 4.8×90mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×65mm 5×125mm
Black or Blue Type
Nail Sizes 2×20mm 2×25mm 2×30mm
Nail Sizes 2.5×25mm 2.5×30mm 2.5×40mm
Nail Sizes 3×30mm 3×40mm 3×50mm
Nail Sizes 3×60mm 3×60mm 3×70mm
Nail Sizes 3×80mm 3×90mm 3×100mm
Nail Sizes 4.2×75mm 4.2×100mm 4.2×125mm
Multicolor Coated Type
Nail Sizes 3×25mm 3×30mm 3.2×40mm
Nail Sizes 3.6×50mm 4×60mm 4.2×75mm
Nail Sizes 4.2×100mm
Countersunk Head Type
Nail Sizes 2.5×25mm 2.5×30mm 2.5×40mm
Nail Sizes 3×30mm 3×40mm 3.2×50mm
Nail Sizes 3.6×65mm 4×75mm 4.2×100mm
K-cap or T-cap
Nail Sizes 3×25mm 3×40mm 3.8×25mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×40mm 3.8×50mm 3.8×65mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×75mm 3.8×100mm
1 20-25kg/carton (in bulk)
2 20-25kg/wooden crate (in bulk)
3 100pcs/box (prior to being packed in a carton)
4 75pcs/box (prior to being packed in cartons)
5 400g/box 50boxes/carton
6 500g/box 40boxes/carton

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