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Perforated Sheet Metal

1. The perforated sheet metal is light weight and easily shaped, which makes it well-suited for use in the vents and light fixture.
2. It has good machinability, and can be supplied with either paint finish or polish finish.
3. The regularly spaced holes on the sheet metal are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.
4. Due to its desirable sound abatement characteristics, the perforated metal is commonly used to keep out sound in office buildings.
5. This product resists wear and is long lasting. It is easy to install and provides unique opportunities to combine beauty and strength.
6. With precise hole size, our metal plate also can be made into different thicknesses.

Our perforated sheet metal is a widely-used product in a variety of industrial, architectural, and design applications, thanks to its flexibility and aesthetic features.

With the aide of advanced computer system as well as the metal bending, cutting, and painting experience accumulated over the years, we pride ourselves on providing integrated solutions for interior design, whether it be a picture, a chair, a bench, a lamp or company logo. The perforated metal is sure to add creative ideas to your room.

Tile perforated products are very advantageous for making laboratory equipment such as sterilizer racks and test tube holders. They are hygienic and needs limited cleaning, thus satisfying the most demanding requirements of the medical industry.

The perforated product makes great screen filter for keeping the coal, gravel, and ore while filtering out the impurities. It is also commonly used to separate food products, chemical materials, medical materials, oil, or fine chemicals.

Noise Control
We make specialized panels and components for sound baffles engineered to exact tolerances, which are used to control noise in public, professional and technological spaces.

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