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Gabion Cage

The gabion cage is manufactured by twisting and weaving quality steel wires with the aid of twisting machine. It is well-suited for use as road slope support or foundation pit support, or on the mountain slope, where the gabion mesh is held over the rock surface, upon which the dry concrete mixture is sprayed. The product also can be utilized to provide guard fencing for slope vegetation, highway, and railway. When filled with riprap, the cage is usually employed to stabilize shoreline, stream-banks, and dam against being washed away, as well as to direct or cut the flow of flood around the reservoir and bridge.

There are various wire diameters to meet the requirement for the size of hexagonal hole. If the wire surface is covered with metal coating, then the wire diameters should be within the range between 2.0mm and 4.0mm. If with PVC coating, diameters may vary from 3.0mm to 4.5mm. Wires that constitute the gabion frame should choose bigger diameter than the hexagonal wire.

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