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Livestock Fence

The livestock fence is specifically used to keep cattle, deer, and sheep. Usually made of hot galvanized steel, the fence comes in two types: standard and universal, according to the specifications of mesh holes.

The fence also can be divided into two series, depending on whether it be made to meet the American or European standard. Those two series of farm fencing find wide applications in the livestock raising industry of South America, North America, and Europe. Woven with the 120g sun-proof nylon fabric which is applied to the mesh surface, the fence is often utilized to prevent landslide in the rainy mountain area.

The livestock fence is precision made from quality medium carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire by our fully automatic machinery and skillful workers. We can paint the fence with zinc coating via hot-dip galvanizing process or simply zinc-rich paint. Tailor made products are available as well.

1. Mechanically pressed mesh surface
2. Rugged, precision-made structure
3. Evenly spaced mesh
4. Uniformity of appearance
5. Allow for mesh trimming and cutting at local range without impairing the whole mesh structure. Local impact or compression will not cause loose wire.
6. Corrosion resistance


Post Cylindrical post(diameter): 42.0mm, 42.0mm, 48.0mm, T-profile knobbed pillar, stake
Post surface treatment Hot-dip galvanization, spray painting
Fence Staple V-shaped fence staple

Specifications (Standard Type)
Model Height(inch) Vertical Hole Diameter Mesh Roll Length Side Wire Standard Wire Gauge Inner Wire SWG Mesh Roll Weight Surface Treatment
8/32/6 32" 6" 330' 10g 12.5g 147lbs Electro-galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing
9/39/6 39" 6" 330' 10g 12.5g 170lbs
10/47/6 47" 6" 330' 10g 12.5g 194lbs
9/39/12 39" 12" 330' 10g 12.5g 130bs
10/47/12 47" 12" 330' 10g 12.5g 147lbs
9/39/6 39" 6" 330' 9g 11g 246lbs
10/47/6 47" 6" 330' 9g 11g 280lbs
10/47/12 47" 12" 330' 9g 11g 209lbs
10/47/6 47" 6" 330' 9g 9g 417lbs
10/47/12 47" 12" 330' 9g 9g 311lbs
Specifications (Universal Type)
Vertical Hole 15cm 30cm 60cm
Crosswise Space 5cm+10cm+15cm+20cm
Wire Mesh Height 50cm 60cm 70cm 80cm 90cm 100cm 120cm 150cm 180cm 200cm 240cm
Wire Mesh Length 50m 100m 200m

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