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Welded Wire Mesh Fence

The welded wire mesh fence is an assembly of posts, wire mesh, fence staples, gates, and other fittings. Its surface can be supplied with one of the two coatings: either hot galvanizing or powder coating. Most of weld mesh fence comes in dark green, though plenty of other colors exist for options.

Using this fence involves many benefits, including ease of installation, long use life, and an ideal match for the surrounding scenery. V-shaped posts give the fence good strength characteristics while reducing its construction cost. Standing among the multi style buildings, the fence can well serve both decorative and functional purpose. Currently available are fences with square framework, square edge posts, cylindrical posts, posts with heart-shaped cross-section and double edge wires, or 358 theft-proof fence. The fence is primarily used to enclose residential are, commercial district, and factories.


Post Square post size: 50mm×50mm, 60mm×60mm, 80mm×80mm, 100mm×100mm
Cylindrical post diameter: 42.2mm, 48.3mm, 60.3mm, 100mm
Posts with heart-shaped cross-section: 50mm×70mm, 70×100mm
Wire Diameter 3.0mm,3.2mm, 3.5mm, 3.8mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm5.0mm, 5.5mm
Mesh Diameter 50mm×200mm,50mm×100mm, 70mm×150mm, 12.7mm×76.2mm
Wire Mesh Height 1.2m,1.5m,1.8m,2.0m, 2.4m,3.0m,4.0m
Wire Mesh Width 2m, 2.2m,2.4m,2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m,
Fittings Plastic square fastener, plastic circular fastener, iron fastener, M-shaped fastener, theft-proof bolt, post cap, flange disc
Gate Width 1m,2m,2.4m,3m, 4m,6m,8m

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