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European Style Metal Fence

The European style metal fence is actually a picket fence. One section of the fence is usually 2.75m wide, which is also the distance between two adjacent posts. It is an assembly of 17 evenly spaced boards, 2 or 3 rails, 2 posts, and necessary parts and components. The post is constructed of steel I-beam, which is installed upright into the ground. Each board is topped with three anti-climb spikes. Therefore, the board is also called the "spike" for its resemblance to the sharp-pointed metal. The 17 boards are affixed vertically to the rails by using theft-proof bolts and fence staples.

The metal fence surface is coated with zinc in a process known as hot dip galvanizing. We also can powder coat the galvanized surface in order for the surface to obtain different colors like silver and dark green.

This series of metal fence is obtained by shearing, press forming, and powder coating the hot galvanized steel. The rugged, dependable structure not only provides for rust resistance, ease of installation and repair, but it is also available in unique structure, multiple colors, and first-rate quality. It is primarily used to enclose villa, common residential yards, garage, factory, park, schoolyard, construction site, and lawn.

Name Specification
W-Profile Board (picket) Topped with w-profile anti-climb spikes
Surface treatment hot-dipped galvanization
Thickness 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 3.5mm
Width ×height 65mm × 16mm
Post Height 2350mm
Distance of the board lower end from the ground level 50mm
Two or three square holes for M8 bolt
17 pales per bay (There are 17 evenly spaced boards installed between two adjacent upright posts.)
D-Profile Board (picket) D-profile triple spikes anti climb barrier
Surface treatment hot-dip galvanization
Thickness 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 3.5mm
Width × height 60mm × 26mm
Distance between two adjacent posts 2350mm
Distance of the lower end of the board(pile) from the ground level 50mm
Two or three square holes for M8 bolt
17 pales per bay
Rail Angle bar 50mm ×50mm
Surface treatment hot-dipped galvanization
Rail length 2746mm
17 square holes for M8 bolt, 2 square holes for M12 bolt
M8 bolt for fixing tridents(boards) onto the rails
M12 for fixing the rail to the joint bar
Two or three rails per bay
Post Hot galvanized steel I-beam
Two or three square holes for fixing the joint bars
Joint Bar Hot galvanized steel
40mm × 140mm × 4mm(thickness)
Two square holes for M12 screws
Fastener 51pcs of screws and screw nuts per bay
4 or 6pcs of screws and screw nuts per bay

Related Names
Palisade Fence | Rustproof Metal Fencing | Decorative Garden Fence

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